Key Benefits


Your Dashboard is personalized with your company information with tools that let you fully customize your customer interface and functionality. It includes up-to-the-minute analytics and full text of every comment made by your customers.

This means you can get all the information you want and understand the information you get. The Reputation Vigilance Dashboard will not leave you confused and frustrated. You will feel fully in control of your new marketing tools.

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There are many ways to capture reviews from your customers. While they are in your facility you can hand them a tablet or let them capture a QR code or send a text message. You can even hand them a card and a ballpoint pen. When they leave your facility they can receive an email with a link from you or go to a website link themselves.

It is hard to create a system that pleases people equally. With Reputation Vigilance, you have great latitude to meet everyone’s needs. Some people are totally comfortable with technology, others, not so much. They all have opinions about your business. Reputation Vigilance does not limit you or your customer.

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When the Reputation Vigilance system encounters a customer who is less-than-happy, it captures the comments and immediately sends a text to the manager on duty. If the customer is still on premises, an effort can be made to resolve the issue. If the customer has left, a quick contact may save the day – before a negative review gets posted online.

Customers want to be heard and respected. Not everything goes perfectly every time. Today when a negative experience is described on line it is very expensive, both in lost customers and lost potential customers who read a review and don’t give you a try. The Reputation Vigilance system lets you engage a customer before he or she starts writing online. They often become your best customers in the future.

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Your Reputation Vigilance system will send you a report every month that summarizes your situation on a wide variety of review sites. The report is easy to understand, with actionable information. But, you don’t have to wait a month to get information you need. You will be alerted by email or text every time you are mentioned online. And, your up-to-date monthly report is available at any minute online or on your cell phone.

You have plenty do just running your business. Buying tools that take too much time to use wastes your valuable time. With the Reputation Vigilance system you can have the latest information at your fingertips 24 hours per day.

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The design of your Reputation Vigilance system is structured so that positive reviews are encouraged and negative reviews are addressed immediately. Frankly, it is what you would do anyway – if you knew you had a problem. The system automates the process. Further, once positive reviews are captured, the system immediately gets them onto your website and your Facebook and initiates the process of getting them published on review sites online.

While the Reputation Vigilance system helps you find less-than-happy customers, some will slip through. And, they may want to express themselves online. That cannot be prevented. The system, however, keeps a continuous flow of positive reviews coming so that negative reviews get pushed lower on the list. Whatever is not on the first page, is less likely to be seen.

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As part of your Reputation Vigilance program, our staffs of trained experts establishes your Google+ listing exactly right and proceed to match every other site of interest to you in precisely the same way, down to the same abbreviations. This is time consuming and arduous, but critically important to your online visibility. We take this off your hands.

So many businesses haphazardly claim their review sites and do themselves extreme damage in the process. When sites have different information they do not have the same power and much opportunity is lost. By making sure every listing is consistent with Google+ Local, Google will “see” the other listings and dramatically improve your ranking online. Reputation Vigilance will do it right and save you time.

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Buying a tool is fine. But, getting it to work in your place of business is another. Reputation Vigilance makes sure you get value for your money. From graphics that communicate with your customer to keeping an eye on the keywords your local competitors are using, training for you to understand the big picture, to your-company-branded training for your employees so they understand the importance of the new way of marketing. No cost upgrades, enhancements and support. Reputation Vigilance is your partner in this process.

It is all new and, sometimes, confusing. The last thing you need is something that complicates your life. Sure, you will learn new things. And, you will be involved in adopting a whole new way of marketing. But, compared to the time you have spent on advertising and promotions in the past, this is going to seem like a dream come true. Nothing you have done before will move you further with less cost than the tools you receive in the Reputation Vigilance system.