The Review Process

Customers of businesses using the Reputation Vigilance service are invited to answer a three-question survey which provides a five-point (star) scale for each question.  For example, a waiter could alert the customer to the survey at the time the check is delivered.  Or, the receptionist at a dental office could ask a departing patient to complete the survey at the conclusion of services.

Reputation Vigilance allows many different methods of data collection including recorded telephone input or even pencil and paper.

If the customer does not click either four or five Stars in answering all three questions presented,  he or she is thanked for the input and asked what might have been done to make their satisfaction greater.  The answer to this question is immediately sent by text to the manager on duty.

If the customer rates his or her experience with all 4 and/or 5-Star ratings, the screen asks if he or she would write a few sentences about the experience (which are assumed to be positive) in the form of a testimonial.

At this point, the Reputation Vigilance program:

  • Opens the keyboard and a screen to record comments
  • Captures an email address of the customer
  • Offers a “Permission to use” disclaimer (so the business owner can use the comments as needed)
  • Posts the comments to the business website
  • Posts the comments to the business Facebook page
  • Opens a screen for the customer to post to his or her own Facebook page
  • Sends an email with the comments to the business owner (or designee) for archiving and future use
  • If the survey is taken on a tablet or computer in the business, the system sends an email to the customer with thanks and a request for him or her to click on the link to a review site shown on a drop-down menu right in the email.  (The business owner selects which sites appear.)   That way the reviews come from the customer’s IP address.  Alternatively, if the survey is conducted on the customer’s personal device, this step is eliminated.
  • Adds results to a compiled report of overall customer satisfaction

In a relatively short time, your positive reviews will increase in number.  In a matter of weeks you will be seeing your listing at or near the top of many review sites.

Compare Reputation Vigilance to any other advertising vehicle you use today.  Companies offering similar tools or services are charging thousands more and accomplishing less!

Get Reputation Vigilance today and hear good things from your customers, clients or patients tomorrow!